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Art website, yar?

I wanna make one
To put all my fanarts in.
But idk how, or even where to start.
I've never really made a personal website anyways.
Anyone suggest any good web hosting places?
free ones too?

Blah! I live!

Everyone everyone!
Sorry for disappearing for like...YEARS.
Well, more like months...
A lot has happened.
And I miss a lot of my friends on here. ToT
I admit, I suck to keeping faithful to websites. xD Idk how you all do it!
Anyways, time to read posts. :]
How is everyone?

Twilight Craze

Well, it's pretty much a Twilight rant, so unless you're really obsessed with this book then feel free to ignore it.
But really I don't want any flames xD
I just need to vent and complain and all that other good stuff
BlahblahblahCollapse )


 I've been gone a lot.
D': Sorry 'bout that everyone.
I've started college, lulz, so I'm pretty busy.
x_x Wah~
I'll get to reading everyone's page soon.

My sudden disappearance.

I don't even know if any of you realized my sudden disappearance.
But the reason was~

Welcome said Yoko Mouse

I'm so new.
Now let's join hands and laugh~

Pata Pata Pata Pon
Pon Pon Pata Pon

Sorry. I'm still getting used to Live Journal. :[

:] My journal is friend's only.
:[ Sorry.